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At ETKO Sports Academy we believe in starting early. Our ETKO Gym Babies classes are open to infants from three months’ upwards. We offer youngsters a range of progression routes, all of which put the individual child at the centre of their own sporting development. We’re also passionate about teaching fitness fundamentals. This ensures that development takes place at the right pace. It also allows our young members to develop a strong core skills set that will serve them well in a variety of sports.

We recommend that children start as early as possible, and attend classes consistently, to enjoy the full benefits of our specialist programme. Find out more via our ETKO Early Years Factsheet.

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Early Years Classes

  • ETKO Gym Babies (3-18 months)
  • ETKO Gym Tots (18 months-3 years)
  • ETKO Gym Kids (3-5 years)
  • Introduction to Gymnastics (P1)
  • Introduction to Wrestling (P1)
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School Age Classes

  • Gymnastics (girls and boys P2+)
  • Wrestling (girls and boys P2+)
  • Fitness for Kids
  • Running
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ETKO parties

Birthday Parties

  • Supervised by experienced instructors
  • Held within our main gym
  • Combines fun and fitness
  • 1.5 hour duration
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Holiday Sessions

ETKO Sports Academy runs sessions during the school holidays; these are open to non-members and are an ideal way to experience our classes.

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Taster Sessions

We offer taster sessions and workshops for local pre-school facilities, schools and clubs. Visit our gym – or we can come to you!