ETKO E-Training

Progressive online fitness programmes for children

Launched during the COVID-19 shutdown, ETKO E-Training programmes are a great option for keeping fit during social isolation and beyond. Programmes include:

  • ETKO Early Years (18 months – P1)
  • Girls Gymnastics (P2 – Teens)
  • ETKO Wrestlers (P2 – Teens)
  • Physical Preparation & Movement (Age 8+)
  • Competitive Gymnastics (Girls).

TRAIN FROM ANYWHERE Indoors or outdoors. Home or away. All you need is a clear space for movement, a laptop, tablet or suitable device and an internet connection.

TRAIN AT YOUR PACE New skills are only released when you’re ready for them. Lesson plans and submission dates provide structure but are flexible.

TRAIN WITH AN EXPERT ETKO E-Training programmes are designed and delivered by former international gymnast Laura Etko, whose coaching experience spans 22 years.

TRAIN FOR RESULTS Follow our programme, learn from feedback, put in the work and you WILL achieve your goals.

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E-Daily groups for tips and advice

Our ETKO E-Daily communities are closed Facebook groups, where we share tips, information and advice to keep children motivated and active.

Parents and carers can choose from a range of groups, depending on their child’s age and sporting interests.

Use the link below to sign up or find out more.

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    Online classes for kids and adults

    Our online class timetable includes sessions for kids,  teens and adults. Children’s classes include:

    • Wrestling Preparation
    • Gymnastics Preparation
    • Fitness for Kids/Teens.

    Adults  classes are suitable for all abilities and include:

    • Body Weight Circuits
    • Cardio & Abs
    • Tabata
    • Exercise for All.

    Classes are held over Zoom, which is free to download and use.

    Joining our online classes