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How much daily exercise should you be doing in lockdown?

Life in lockdown can feel pressured. Things have not slowed down for everyone; many of us are busier than ever before. Wmay be juggling family responsibilities with new ways of working. We might have taken on extra roles in our communities.  We could be anxious about loved ones.  All of which can result in overwhelm. 

Striking exercise from your to-do list might seem like an easy sacrifice. Yet it’s the last thing you should do. NHS guidelines state that adults between 19 and 64 should do some type of physical activity every day, culminating in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a weekor 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity. And the benefits? Improved mood, energy levels, muscle and bone strengthAnd that’s just to start with... 

If 150 minutes a week sounds like a lot, break it down. Carve out half an hour for yourself each day and it’s easily achievable. During lockdown, many people have discovered the joys and benefits of running and cycling, as these activities have been permitted throughout. Hopefully, our love affair with new forms of outdoor exercise will outlast the pandemic. 

Indoor activities count too – and you don’t need a home gym. There’s lots you can do from your living room without any specialist equipment. Our own online classes are equipment free – all that’s required is a water bottle, an internet connection and a suitable device. Sessions take place six days a week, at various times, to suit all schedules. 

To quote the NHS website, any type of activity is good for you. And the more you do the better. Why not start with half an hour today?  

Laura Etko is founder and director of ETKO Sports Academy. She is passionate about supporting others on their sporting journeys during the COVID-19 shutdown and beyond. For advice on how to start, or resume, your own sporting journey, contact ETKO Sports Academy today.  

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