Keeping your family active in lockdown

Families are currently adjusting to new ways of living, working and playing together. This unexpected time together has some benefits – more families are gathering round the table at mealtimes for example – however it would be naive to pretend that all is rosy.

Many parents are juggling working from home with supervising home learning. Others may be furloughed or facing uncertainty about their jobs. Teachers continue to do an amazing job with e-learning materials, however the adjustment to ‘online school’ is hard for some children, in the same way that homeworking does not suit all adults. The loss of time with friends and trips to the park add to this challenging mix. So what to do for the best?

Exercise and movement can make a huge different to our ability to cope – for both children and grown-ups. Blue skies and above-average temperatures in north-east Scotland were a boon in the early weeks of the shutdown, particularly for those of us with gardens. As the weather reverts to a more typical Scottish spring, outside exercise may be less appealing. This is where safe, good-quality indoor sports programmes come into their own.

Pandemic or otherwise, ETKO Sports Academy’s mission is steadfast: To foster a lifelong love of fitness in others. Our E-Training provision has options for all age groups, from early years through to teens and seniors to retirees. We offer progressive junior programmes in various disciplines. Children and their parents can access these programmes at a time to suit – when the school or working day is over and the WiFi and laptops are freed up for fitness and fun! Experienced instructors review and ‘mark’ children’s progress to ensure they gain a sense of completion and achievement. For those who miss the camaraderie of classes, a full timetable of Zoom sessions is also available.

Fitting in exercise may seem like one more thing to do right now. Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as self-care. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Laura Etko is founder and director of ETKO Sports Academy. She is passionate about supporting others on their sporting journeys and is particularly committed to developing physical literacy in children.

Families, playleaders, nursery owners and school teachers can find out more about ETKO E-Training programmes for early years and school-age children by emailing

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