Year-round training: FAQs for parents and carers

From now until Friday, 20 December, you will have the opportunity to opt in to enhanced monthly payment plans covering 48 weeks of training throughout the year. The new 48-week plans will be effective from 1 January 2020.

Why is this a change from my current plan?

Existing payment plans only cover training for 40 weeks of the year. Holiday training currently needs to be booked, and paid for, separately.

A year has 52 weeks! Which weeks are not included in the new 48-week plans?

The Christmas fortnight and the last two weeks of the Aberdeenshire Council school summer holidays are not included in the new 48-week plans.

Why is training now being offered in the holidays?

ETKO Sports Academy has always offered some form of activities throughout the holidays. This year, we decided to run our core timetable throughout the Summer and October holidays – and most of our members chose to attend. National research indicates that children may lose fitness if they take extended breaks from exercise during holiday periods – and our own experience backs this up.

Are there any other reasons for opting in?

Opting in to a 48-week plan will be more cost-effective than coming along to holiday sessions on a PAYG basis. From 1 January 2020, members who are on 40-week plans will be charged the same PAYG holiday rates as members of the public (i.e. there will be no special member rates for holiday sessions outwith the 48-week plans).

If I opt-in for a 48-week plan, how will my payments be calculated?

Payments will be calculated in the same way as your current plan:

No of weeks of training (40 or 48) x class price ÷ 12 = your monthly payment. As an example, the monthly payment for attending 1 x pre-school class for 40 weeks of the year is £24.50. Under the 48-week plan, this monthly payment would be £29.40. Although your monthly payment will increase proportionately to cover the extra weeks of training, please note that monthly payments will be calculated using the same class prices. Class prices are not increasing, i.e. cost per class remains the same.

What happens if I don’t opt in?

You will remain on your current 40-week plan. You will, however, be charged the higher PAYG rate if you attend sessions during the school holidays.

What if I miss the opt in window?

We are encouraging as many members as possible to opt in before the start of the new year. If you miss this date, there may a further opportunity to opt in later in 2020, however this is not guaranteed. Meanwhile, any holiday training would be chargeable at PAYG rates.

What if I opt in, then want to opt out again?

It will not be possible to switch between the 40 and 48-week plans. If a 48-week plan no longer suits your family’s requirements, it would need to be cancelled completely.

What if I need to cancel my payment plan?

Our cancellation procedure remains as per our current terms and conditions: Members who do not wish to continue with their classes must provide written notice via email to The subscription will finish at the end of the month in which notice is provided, as long as notice is received by the 23rd of the month at the latest.

Is there a set-up fee if I choose to opt in to the 48-week plan?

No. Set up is completely free.

Note: Our terms and conditions have been updated to reflect the move to year-round training and 48 week plans.